Our primary program

The Morning    

Students arrive and are responsible for putting their belongings (lunch, jacket, etc.) in their places. They are welcomed into the classroom by a teacher.

The morning may start with a short group gathering which can include singing, storytelling or special information about the day ahead.  The rest of the morning is normally an uninterrupted period of exploration. The children are free to choose activities and to work as long as they like. The teacher’s role is to help the children choose what is of interest to them and also to introduce new activities. This approach helps foster the child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn.

During this time the children may have both individual and group lessons in each area of the classroom. These areas may provide practice in:

Language and Vocabulary
Reading and Writing
Numbers and Mathematics
Geography and Culture
Fine Motor Skills and Balance
Geometry and Spatial Relationships
Botany and Science

The focus of the activities offered in the classroom will reflect the changing seasons and interests of the children. While the culture we live in will be present in the work that the children do, so too will activities introducing cultures from around the world. This will come naturally with our studies in geography, cultural traditions and celebrations from each continent. We will honor all nationalities and especially those represented by the children and their families in our school.  We look forward to our parents bringing their family traditions to the classroom as we move through the year.

Snack Time

The students bring their snacks from home each day. Upon arrival it is placed in the snack basket labeled with their name. At any time during the morning the child may choose to eat their snack at the snack table with a friend.

Circle Time

At the end of the morning there will be a gathering of the group. This provides the opportunity for group lessons and discussions. This may be a time for group movement activities, singing or reading out loud.


The children bring a lunch from home each day. The lunch helpers ready the tables in the classroom for lunch. Children learn good manners, develop conversation skills and practice how to clean up after eating.

Outside Play

As the weather allows, students are able to enjoy outdoor activities. This time is a free play time in which students may do such activities as use their imaginations, run, swing, engage with the environment, apply their knowledge of leaves, clouds, seasons, socialize, etc.

The Afternoon

The younger children who need to nap will rest on cots in a quiet part of the classroom. The older children will choose their activities as in the morning. Often this is the time when longer and more advanced work in done in the classroom.

Afternoon Enrichment

Recess and Summer

World Languages and Culture

Nature Studies


Movement and Yoga

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